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Wellbeing for Managers

January 18 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

To create a safe space for those managing and leading teams to reflect on the barriers to their own self-care and wellbeing and share tools

The session is free and open to staff and volunteers of third sector organisations offering services in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

When talking about managers stress, it is often in relation to the importance of it being managed for the benefit of the team. However, while of course this matters, managers’ wellbeing needs to be nurtured for their own sake as well.

Learning objectives

Recognise the isolation and frustration shared by others and that you are not alone

Recognise the barriers which can get in the road of seeking help or support for our own wellbeing

Identify common challenges and possible solutions

Leave with a renewed sense of self care isn’t self- indulgent and it matters for everyone, including those who lead and manage teams

Ideas of resources to use for self-care

Due to the focus of this session it is only for those in a management/leadership role to attend.

This session is facilitated by Hilda Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of COPE Scotland, who has a background in mental health and 30 years’ experience of managing a third sector organisation, as well as prior experience of managing wards while in nursing.

GCVS are delighted to work with COPE Scotland in presenting this workshop. If you have any questions about this or any other Wellbeing event, please contact zofia.zukowska@gcvs.org.uk or peopleservices@gcvs.org.uk


GCVS (Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector)