Governance and Charity Law

Good governance and understanding charity law is important.  

Board members and trustees should be aware of their responsibilities and good practice in relation to governance of a voluntary sector group, organisation or charity.  It can be daunting if you are new to this and practice does change of time, so it is worthwhile keeping yourself up to date.  This might  be around how you identify and manage risk, how you conduct the business of board or committee meetings, what policies you have and so on…

Governance Training

Our governance training sessions are a good place to start for anyone new to a committee or board of a voluntary sector group, organisation or charity.  They act as a good refresh too for those that have been doing this a while!   The Better Governance and Accountability session covers Roles & Responsibilities; Effective Board Meetings; Policies; Plus an opportunity to ask questions and learn from others.  We have recently added a Cultivating Your Board session aimed at supporting Chairs and Chief Officers to improve board performance.

We run these sessions approximately every two months and details can be found in our Sector Development programme , along with  who can attend our sessions.

One to One Support - Governance Surgeries

Board members play a key role; providing leadership and direction, ensuring compliance and generally being the advocates for their organisation or group.  Sometimes they need a little support, eg with understanding their role or reviewing  governing documents and policies.  A surgery appointment with our Sector Development Officer and governance expert, Phil Broadley can point you in the right direction. These are one to one discussions to identify actions to move forward and take place as 45 minute bookable appointments over Zoom or telephone. Start-ups new to all of this also welcome and Phil is also happy to answer email queries, please email

Good Governance Guides

There are a number of useful guides that demonstrate good practice for governance and  supporting sustainability.  If you are looking for ideas or to check your organisation is working along the right lines, these can be helpful with checklists and examples:

  • The Good Governance Code – Scotland’s Third Sector Good Governance Forum produced a code based on 5 core principles – Organisational Purpose, Leadership, Board Behaviour, Control, Effectiveness
  • The lasting Difference  – In it’s fifth edition it provides straight forward suggestions around Involvement, Income Generation, Innovation, Improvement and Impact Measurement
  • Lasting Leadership – Bringing together the leadership in your organisation and sustainability with topics Succession Planning, Lateral Leadership, Self-care & Next Generation and Leadership as an Equalities Issue

Our general Capacity Building Resource Page  complied with partners from Glasgow Makes Connections also has a wide range of information.

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