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GCVS understands the importance of managing the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff in your teams however, we also understand time and resources required to do this successfully. In challenging times, the demands on Third Sector organisations have never been higher so, to support the sector, we have developed a new and innovative Health & Safety Management System to help ease the pressure.

This subscription based service gives third sector organisations across Scotland the tools required to establish and maintain an effective health and safety management system.

By subscribing, you will be able to access the following resources via our secure portal:

  • Health & Safety Policy Statement Template
  • Duty and Responsibility Section Template
  • Organisational Structures Template
  • H&S Arrangements, Process and Procedures Templates
  • Risk Assessments including Covid-19, Workplace & Task Specific Templates
  • Forms, Checklists & Document Templates
  • Food Safety Management System Templates
  • Sector Specific Safety Guidance
  • System Setup Guidance


Health & Safety consultancy available

For H&S Service subscribers, a 10% discount on consultancy support is included.  Whether you are a subscriber or not, if you require support, we can help.

About the Team

GCVS have been providing operational support to voluntary sector employers for over 20 years.

As a team we bring years of experience in supporting third sector organisations. Cam Pollock is our Health and Safety Service Advisor who joined the team in April 2021 to provide expert advice and a variety of training sessions. Cam has developed a Health & Safety Checklist which can be used to highlight any areas which would benefit from some professional input.

Our service is supported by Amalgamate Safety Risk Management who designed our Health & Safety Management System.

Subscription Fees

The subscription rates are based on the legal requirements the Health & Safety Executive places on organisations of different sizes.

Health & Safety Service:

0 staff £43 /quarter
1-5 staff £85 /quarter
6-10 staff £99 /quarter
11-20 staff £125 /quarter
21-30 staff £149 /quarter
31-40 staff £175 /quarter
41-50 staff £199 /quarter
£4 /quarter per person additional fee thereafter


Combined HR and Health & Safety Service:

1-5 staff £180 /quarter
6-10 staff £247 /quarter
11-20 staff £337/quarter
21-30 staff £382 /quarter
31-40 staff £441 /quarter
41-50 staff £493 /quarter
£8 /quarter per person additional fee thereafter

Please contact to discuss your needs.

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