Employers’ Advice

HR advice, consultancy and training

Do you need help with the responsibilities of being an employer or managing staff?

Few small voluntary organisations can afford to employ an HR specialist, and that’s what the service offers you. Help when you need it…and before!

GCVS provides three ways to give you that help.

  • Employers’ Advice Service membership
  • HR consultancy service
  • HR training


Employers’ Advice Service membership

The EAS provides information, advice and support on all aspects of employing and managing paid staff.

The service is specifically aimed at small to medium organisations in the voluntary and not for profit sector and we have many years’ experience of working with this client group.

Subscribing to the service includes

  • Unlimited phone or email advice and support on all HR issues.
  • Up to 4 hours ‘hands-on’ consultancy time p.a.
  • Discounted rates for top employment lawyers
  • Discounted medical reports
  • Peace of mind that professional HR expertise is only a phone call away

The cost of subscription is based on the number of paid staff you have and starts from around £350 + VAT.

HR Consultancy

For EAS members, 4 hours of consultancy per annum is included in the subscription. If you need longer, or if you do not want to join, but do need help with a one-off bit of work we can help. Consultancy services include:

  • Staff handbook development and reviews
  • Policies and procedures development and reviews
  • Restructures
  • Changing terms and conditions of employment
  • Redundancies and closures

Charges are based on a daily or hourly rate.


We offer training, briefings and workshops that can be tailored to suit your needs. Topics include those noted below, but others can be provided on request.

  • Becoming an employer / being a good employer
  • Supporting and supervising staff
  • Employment law updates
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Managing absence
  • Discipline and Grievance

All training sessions are suitable for up to 12 people and handouts are provided.


Q. What do we get if we join the Employers’ Advice Service?

  • Unlimited telephone or e-mail advice and support on any employment-related issues during normal office hours.
  • Up to 4 hours consultancy per annum. For example you may want us to attend a meeting at your premises, or review your policies. If you need additional time, that will be charged separately.
  • Quarterly bulletin on employment issues and law updates.
  • Reduced rates for top employment lawyers and medical advisers.
  • Peace of mind: help with those tricky questions is only a phone call away!

Q. How do we know that the advice will be good?

EAS staff are Human Resources (HR) professionals, and members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. We have been providing HR advice to voluntary sector employers for over 13 years, and are constantly updating our knowledge and training.

Q. Should we not just go straight to employment lawyers?

We are HR professionals, not lawyers, but all the advice we give is based on a sound knowledge of employment law. Legal advice is very expensive, and most HR related issues and queries that employers have on a day to day basis do not require lawyers. If we think that an issue has reached a stage where you should take legal advice we will make that recommendation. Membership of the EAS will give you discounted rates with some top employment law firms.

Q. How much does it cost to join the EAS?

The cost of subscribing to the Employers Advice Service is based on the number of staff employed. Download the current Subscription fees here.

Q. How do we join the EAS?

Simply fill in the EAS Subscription Form.  GCVS will then invoice you and you can start using the service right away.

Q. Do we need to join the EAS to get consultancy or training?

No. Consultancy and training are available as stand-alone services. Remember, though that you get 4 hours of consultancy included with EAS membership, so if you just need a small bit of consultancy it may be worthwhile joining the EAS and getting a full year’s worth of support too.

Q. How can we find out more?

Call and speak to Natasha Gordon, the EAS manager, on 0141 354 6515 or email Natasha at natasha.gordon@gcvs.org.uk

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