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A Scottish Government campaign has been launched which urges people to act if they think an adult they know is being harmed, exploited or neglected.

“Seen Something? Say Something” will highlight the abuse of adults to the general public and encourage people to speak up.  The campaign will raise awareness of warning signs, such as unexplained bruises, confusion over what has happened to their money or nervousness around certain people.

Thousands of adults and older people in Scotland are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and their situation may require intervention to prevent harm and to stop it escalating.   While vulnerable people are at some risk from strangers, such as bogus workmen or other doorstep callers, it is often close family members or friends that are the culprits.

If you think that somebody at risk is being harmed by bullying, violence, ill treatment or neglect, or if someone is taking advantage of them financially,  local Adult Protection Teams are available to intervene and should be contacted immediately.  All it takes is a phone call to help put a stop to it and improve their situation, which can be made anonymously.

Those wishing to raise the alarm can find the contact details of all Adult Protection Teams in the country here.

Source: Scottish Government 

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