Head of SCVO, Martin Sime, has accused the Tory Party of an “orchestrated attempt to muzzle charities” according to a report in Thursday’s Herald.  Sime claims that recent criticism of charities emerging from Government figures has been an attempt to silence critics of policies that affect the most vulnerable such as welfare reform.

He said that this could cause “irreparable damage” deterring corporate donors and philanthropists from funding charities that  protect the most vulnerable and instead funding only safe, non-contentious work.

Charities have recently been criticised for being overly political by Tory MPs, spending too much on campaigning, instead of focusing on service delivery, but Sime argues that it is the job of third sector organisations to hold ministers to account, stating that, “We represent those who aren’t included and don’t have a voice. That is utterly non-negotiable.”

“Ministers have recently accused us all of being left-wing, anti-business and full of Labour Party activists. This is part of an orchestrated attempt to undermine charity campaigning on behalf of the most marginalised and vulnerable people in our society – the very same people who are bearing the brunt of austerity policies and the politics of division and blame.”

Source: The Herald