Based at the University of Glasgow, the Policy Scotland Welfare Reform Network was launched on Thursday 19th February, with the event ‘Sanctions in Scotland: evidence, policy in practice and impacts’. This brought together over 40 people from a range of different sectors and perspectives for a lively and engaged discussion which sparked new ideas on how to think about and act on Welfare Reform.

The three speakers each addressed an aspect of the event theme. David Webster (University of Glasgow) provided new evidence on sanctions trends, Sharon Wright (University of Glasgow) placed sanctions in a broader policy and political context, and Carla McCormack (Poverty Alliance) outlined the impact of sanctions on both specific social groups and wider society. With the audience, ways of engaging the public with a wide variety of views on social security were discussed, including approaching Welfare Reform from a human rights perspective. Raising the quality of debate on Welfare Reform through detailed evidence which reflects diverse and often unheard experiences is a key aim of the Welfare Reform Network. Suggested themes for future events included a focus on disability, on migrants and on Universal Credit.

The Policy Scotland Welfare Reform Network is a newly forming network designed to bring together people interested in welfare reform in Scotland, who may be:

  • experiencing or concerned about welfare reform
  • working with or for those affected by welfare reform
  • working in agencies affected by or delivering welfare reform
  • involved in designing policies and practices of welfare reform
  • researching or commenting on welfare reform.

The network is based at the University of Glasgow and aims to share and develop ideas and evidence that can impact on decision-making and policy outcomes relating to welfare reform.

If you like would like to be involved in the Welfare Reform Network, please email Amy Watson . For more information, you can also visit the Policy Scotland Welfare reform Network website and follow us on Twitter @policyscotland