A key part of our role at GCVS is to connect people and organisations to share ideas, collaborate and work in partnership. We are proud to advocate for Glasgow’s thriving voluntary sector and have strong links with the local authority, health service and justice system. Through our policy work, and the networks we facilitate, we support the development of the voluntary sector’s role to build a more just, kind and happier society.


Our Core Policy Work Includes

Everyone's Children

The Everyone’s Children team work with third sector organisations who provide services to children, young people and families. Working in partnership with social work, health and education services the team help develop and influence policy around child protection, domestic abuse and addictions, child poverty, family support, early years, youth work and additional support needs.

Health & Social Care

The Health and Social Care team work with organisations that provide services to adults and older people. The team works in partnership with the local authority and the health board on health and social care policy and reform. Their focus includes living independently and living well, tackling isolation, mental health and wellbeing and connecting to communities.

Communities & Participation

We help connect the third sector with community planning partners and help inform and influence decision-making. Key areas of work include community empowerment, community learning, criminal justice and climate change. As part of our Communities and Participation Policy Work, we also host and manage a range of networks for collaboration in the city.

Human Rights & Equalities

The THRE Human Rights and Equalities team are working with Scotland’s Third Sector Interfaces (TSIs) to develop resources, training and networks which support third sector organisations towards taking a human rights and equalities first approach to their organisational development and delivery. THRE is a nationwide project led by GCVS in partnership with HTSI and EVOC.

Citywide Forum

The Citywide Forum is governed by a steering group of members from third sector organisations across Glasgow. They represent those working with children, families and young people and are supported by the Everyone’s Children team. In order to influence Children’s Services across the city, the Citywide Forum provides a strong and collaborative voice for partner agencies.


GCVS supports and collaborates with organisations in Glasgow who provide employability services.  The employability landscape is fast changing. Our role is to help inform the sector, facilitate involvement in policy and assist in encouraging collaboration. We also have a particular interest in facilitating third sector involvement in the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

We also manage a range of networks who help to keep their members informed on the latest news as well as by hosting tailored meetings and events.

To enquire about joining one of our networks please click here to find out more.

GCVS Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector

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