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Research shows that BME and women trustees are significantly underrepresented in charity boardrooms. In response to this research and #CharitySoWhite, GCVS and CRER have launched an Equality Action Pledge to help third sector organisations take tangible steps towards tackling discrimination and under representation as part of Trustees’ Week 2019.

We ask organisations to formally acknowledge that the lack of diversity in the voluntary sector is a serious issue that requires action. We ask that they commit to tackling discrimination and underrepresentation within their organisation.

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Equalities is one of GCVS’s core organisational values.

– we produce the Equality Updates information service for Glasgow,
– we regularly run equalities training events: see What’s On
– we can provide advice through our HR Service
– and undertake specific pieces of equalities related work.

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Glasgow Equality Forum

Glasgow Equality Forum (GEF) is a City wide strategic policy forum which brings together representatives of voluntary sector equality networks in Glasgow to encourage better co-operation and cross-sector engagement on equality issues.

Glasgow Equality Forum provides strategic and policy expertise, and through the associated equality networks can provide access to wider viewpoints, including opportunities to engage with grassroots community organisations.  Forum members can also provide advice and support on effective community engagement.

Member equality networks are:
Glasgow Disability Alliance,
Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Sector Network (co-ordinated by Wise Women),
Glasgow Voluntary Sector Race Equality Network (co-ordinated by CRER).

Member organisations include
LGBT Youth Scotland,
Faith in Community Scotland,
Age Scotland,
Scottish Refugee Council

Contact GEF’s Manager Lorraine Barrie on lorraine@crer.org.uk or 0141 4186530

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Kate Henderson

Tel: 0141 332 2444

Email: kate.henderson@gcvs.org.uk

Website: http://equalityupdates.org.uk/

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