Policy & Networks Overview


The Policy and Network team at GCVS

The third sector work with the whole community. From babies and toddlers, through youth work, families, adults and older people, disabled people, LGBT and people from ethnic minority groups.

What we share is passion for helping people with compassion and kindness, and making the world a better place – whether that’s by reducing poverty or dealing with climate change. Our work is underpinned by respect for human rights and equality.

The Policy and Network group within GCVS aim to connect people together, to share idea and experiences, to help one another and work in partnership with the local authority, health service and justice system. We have three teams within the group and they work with a number of networks and forums..

There is a description of the areas of work in this diagram here


Everyone's Children

The Everyone’s Children team work with over 600 third sector organisations who provide services children, young people and families. The team works in partnership with social work, health and education services. Their remit includes child protection, domestic abuse and addictions, child poverty, family support, early years, youth work and additional support needs. They also support the Citywide Forum 

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Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network

The Glasgow Third Sector Interface Network (GTSIN) team aim to connect the third sector to key issues our community planning partners are working on, so that the sector can inform and influence decision-making.

The key issues include community empowerment, community learning, criminal justice, and climate change. GTSIN host networks for organisations working in justice, buildings & facilities and community learning and development.  The GTSIN committee is made up of all the geographical and thematic networks of third sector organisations in the city


Health and Social Care Team

The Health and Social Care team work with organisations that provide services to adults and older people. The team works in partnership with the local authority and the health board on health and social care policy and reform. Living independently and living well, tackling isolation, mental health and wellbeing and connecting to communities are at the heart of their work.



Citywide Forum CYPF

The Forum is governed by a steering group made up of members from a variety of third sector organisations across Glasgow working with children, families and young people and is supported by the GCVS Everyone’s Children team.

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