A group of parents from Glasgow, South Lanarkshire and West Lothian have called for an independent inquiry into the delivery of the Scottish Government’s free childcare policy due to difficulties they have experienced in accessing funding for places for their children.

The Fair Funding for Our Kids Group have voiced frustration at being unable to access the 600 hours of free childcare at private nurseries where their children are enrolled, claiming that state run nurseries providing free places are unsuitable as they do not cover the working day.   They have asked the Children’s Commissioner for Scotland to look into the delivery of the policy following a meeting with the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

In Glasgow, the Council opeartes 122 nurseries across the city, which provide free places and also commissions third and private sector nurseries for additional places, however, not all nurseries in the city are part of this arrangement, due to not being awarded a contract as part of a formal procurement process carried out in 2014.

The parents are also asking for a formal mechanism to be put in place for families that live and work in different local authorities, to ensure these children receive the requisite funding for an appropriate place.

Source: The Herald