Organisation Health Check

The Organisational Health Check is designed to help you, and us, identify the strengths or your organisation and the areas for development. Completed using our two-part form, the Health Check is a useful tool when considering an application to the People Make Glasgow Communities programme (People Make Glasgow Communities – Glasgow City Council). It can be completed as a self-assessment by somebody within the organisation who knows it well, or by a third party asking the questions and recording the answers.

Please complete this Health Check as fully as possible, so that we can tailor support for your organisation. It is suitable for any community group, voluntary organisation or social enterprise in Glasgow, but for simplicity we use the term ‘organisation’ throughout. Please be assured you are not being assessed in any way, only the support you might require.

We have provided below the forms which can be completed and submitted online, in two parts. There are 44 questions in total but many are tick boxes. It is not possible to save the form once you start so we recommend you use the Word document format (also below) to prepare your answers.

Complete your Organisational Health Check

Health Check part 1 – online form

Health Check part 2 – online form

If you need any assistance with completing the questionnaire or would like to discuss any of the questions, please contact a member of the Sector Development Team at

Word Versions of the forms

Download the Part 1 Form Word Version

Download the Form Part 2 Word Version


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