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Everyone’s Children

Our Everyone’s Children project team send fortnightly round-up on the latest news, funding, policy developments, consultations and events relating to working with children and families.  Every quarter we issue a magazine updating on the project developments and activities.  Visit the Everyone’s Children project page to subscribe.

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Equality Updates

Keep up to date with equality developments, events, campaigns, good practice, training, debates, jobs, funding and more – complete this form to subscribe to the Equality Updates, Jobs and Funding Newsletters.

Albany Centre

Sign up for the Albany Centre‘s updates to get the latest offers on GCVS events, community activities, training and venue hire.  Visit the Albany pages to subscribe.

Employer’s Advice Service

Members of the Employers’ Advice Service will receive a quarterly bulletin with the latest news and guidance on employment issues and law updates.

Community Learning and Development Updates

Access a range of CLD information resources including the fortnightly Info Bulletin and Resources Round up, or weekly Partner News from CLD Team.  View previous issues through the relevant tab on the CLD page!

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