Third Sector Support:
Campaigning, Fundraising, Volunteering

A new website  has been set up by the Scottish Refugee Council to allow people in Scotland to help with the current refugee crisis in Europe.  The scale of the crisis demands a response from Government’s and citizens alike and people have been lining up to offer their support to desperate refugees fleeing war and violence. Candlelit vigils have been attended by thousands of people across the country.

It is likely that many of those coming to Scotland will be settled in Glasgow.   Around 50 of the most vulnerable families from war torn Syria will arrive in the city soon.

Scotland Welcomes Refugees invites people to donate their time, skills, goods, accommodation or other practical help, to refugees arriving in Scotland.  The website also offers a guide to assist anyone wishing to set up a fundraising event.

Expressions of support will be logged until there is confirmation of where and when refugees will be resettled.



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