We recognise the importance of connecting like-minded organisations, and the people who work and volunteer with them. Together, we can share knowledge, build partnerships, and facilitate collaboration on key policy and service delivery issues. We do this in part through a range of networks.

The goal of each network is to keep members informed about relevant news and developments, and to provide tailored meetings and events where beneficial. To enquire about any of our networks please find out more below.

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Community and Criminal Justice Network

Open to every individual and organisation in the third sector with an interest in criminal and community justice in Glasgow.

The network meets a couple of times a year, usually to share information about new projects or strategies. They send out information via email as and when relevant.

This network also elects a third sector representative to the city’s SAFE Partnership, and to the Community Justice Partnership.

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Community Facilities Network

Open to third sector organisations and individuals who work for them, with an interest in owning, leasing or managing a building in the city.

Currently this network is running a study programme of visits to third sector buildings. The Network’s Steering Group, chaired by Melanie Farrow of Maryhill Burgh Halls, meets every quarter or so to plan further programmes and meetings. They will send out information via email as and when relevant.

GCVS Sector Development colleagues also connect with this network to deliver development sessions and further support when relevant.

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Community Learning and Development Network

Open to third sector organisations and individuals whose work makes a contribution to the city’s Community Learning and Development strategy.

While this network has not met since the start of the Covid pandemic, it is hoped that it will come together soon. They will send out information via email as and when relevant.

This group also connects practitioners working in CLD with the wider Glasgow CLD Strategic Partnership and Glasgow’s CLD Plan.

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Citywide Forum for Children, Young People and Families

The Citywide Forum provides a strong and collaborative voice to partner agencies to influence Children’s Services across the city.

It works to:

  • Co-ordinate reps from the third sector on strategic Children’s Services Committees
  • Ensure two-way communication and feedback and build relationships
  • Share knowledge, experience and good practice
  • Gather and co-ordinate views
  • Ensure that the voices of service users are heard
  • The Forum is governed by a steering group made up of members from a variety of third sector organisations across Glasgow working with children, families and young people and is supported by the GCVS Everyone’s Children team.
  • Membership is free but open only to staff and volunteers in third sector organisations in Glasgow who works with children, young people or families
  • Members will receive the monthly Everyone’s Children newsletter, which provides information on news, resources, funding and events
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Health and Social Care Network (Adults and Older People)

The Health and Social Care Network is open to voluntary sector organisations of all sizes, who have an interest, or provide services, linked to health, wellbeing and social care.

You will be invited to attend or participate in regular meetings and events discussing health and social care policies and services, as well as local and national developments, such as the National Care Service.

This network feeds into local health and social care services, as well as informing national policy work.

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You can also contact us directly at healthandcare@gcvs.org.uk to share ideas for better health and social care services, blog, contribute or hold an event with us.

Child Poverty Network

Open to  

More information coming soon

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Children and Young People's Mental Health Network

Open to  

More information coming soon

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Family Support Network

Open to anyone working in a third sector organisation in Glasgow who has an interest in family support.

The Family Support Network hosts between four and six discussion events a year to promote collaboration and provide a forum in which to discuss upcoming and ongoing projects. The Network also communicates to those on the mailing list about family support issues

This group is a subgroup of the Third Sector Citywide Forum, which represents children, young people and families organisations. Representatives of the Family Support Network attend the HSCP Family Support Strategic Group and feedback both to the network and the Citywide Forum.

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Employability Network

Open to organisations with an interest, or providing services, in employability.

The Employability Network shares information, enables collaboration, consults with organisations and ensures the third sector maximises the employability support on offer across the city.

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You can also contact Donna Mackinnon, GCVS Partnership Manager (Employability) directly for more information.

We are proud to advocate for Glasgow’s thriving voluntary sector and have strong links with the local authority, health service and justice system. Read more about our policy work and the teams working on projects including Everyone’s Children, Health and Social Care and THRE Third Sector Human Rights and Equalities.

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