Core Asset Management

Core Asset Management

Many community groups, voluntary sector organisations and social enterprises find themselves managing assets, such as equipment or buildings.

We can provide guidance and support on specialist areas including:

GCVS also aims to provide support around the other core aspects that are relevant to managing your asset in sustainable way.  A starting point for many organisations is to refresh or develop their understanding through these two training sessions:

  • Stepping Forward into Business Plan Development – a plan is essential to help your organisation but many do not think of ‘business’ as relevant to them
  • Stepping Forward into Managing a Community Asset – an overview of the challenges, responsibilities and opportunities you need to consider (run in partnership with Glasgow Life).

Details of upcoming dates can be found in our training programme.

We are also developing a series of checklist and can provide one to one support by either GCVS staff or our partners.  Examples would include health & safety and managing people. If there is any aspect of managing an asset you would like support with, please get in touch with our development officer (empowerment & facilities) by emailing

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