Climate Friendly Practice

Climate Friendly Approaches

Our climate change coordinators at GCVS are here to support your organisation to take climate friendly action. We are able to support board and committee members, staff and volunteers, as well as to advocate on behalf of the communities you serve. 

Our role is to highlight relevant workshops, events, and other opportunities in and around Glasgow, and available through GCVS. We wish to support the great climate work already going on and to encourage and empower new initiatives.

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As Glasgow aims to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, we will focus our supports on those areas of most relevance to: 
• Managing community facilities
• Delivering local services and  
• Initiatives of relevance to local communities. 

For our climate friendly support we focus on: 
1) Energy usage for community facilities or to deliver local services  
2) Travel and transport 
3) Food and water 
4) Consumption and waste

Environmental and climate initiatives often go hand in hand with financial benefits, and also with challenges. If you run activities in a facility, you might already have considered how to ‘green up’ the building. Monitoring the energy consumption and an energy audit can help you to see where adjustments can cut your energy costs. When you know the status of, for example, your building’s materials, windows, water, and heating system, you can build a list of actions to take. We do not conduct energy audits ourselves, but we will link you to step-by-step guides and checklists for it. 

An audit will let you know which investments you can make in your building to save energy, reduce carbon emissions and lower your energy bills. In the long run, it can save you money, but it may require investment – the funding situation for improving infrastructure is changing frequently. Look out for funding opportunities in our newsletters.

To mobilise interest and engagement in climate friendly action in the third sector, we also recommend starting the conversation. Are you able to bring this up to your community group, or to your networks, and discuss and share intentions? Sharing ideas and thoughts can build capacity and empower communities, just as technical improvements can.  
The following are likely areas of interest to committees, boards, staff and volunteers where climate friendly approaches could be included in: 
Board meetings, planning and direction, e.g. in risk management, planning future capital works, polices & procedures, providing leadership 
Day to day operational management, e.g. good practice when providing services, initiatives or funders that will contribute to green running costs. 
Communications and training, e.g. sharing details of training opportunities, highlighting useful resources, encouraging individual staff, volunteers and service users. 
With our combined efforts we will support Glasgow’s aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

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