Holyrood’s Local Government and Regeneration Committee published a report this week that raises concerns about the lack of influence local people have in regeneration processes in communities across Scotland.

The report was based on the inquiry’s fact-finding sessions, where they heard about local people’s experiences of regeneration around Scotland, including in the Govan area.

Committee convener Kevin Stewart MSP said:

“Regeneration is not just about buildings, it is about community, which is central to improving lives of the people of Scotland.

“But all too often it seems that the community are not given a voice in what is happening to them.

“We have seen many, many years of regeneration in Scotland and all of this has had the best of intentions of reducing deprivation and inequality.

“What is needed now to deliver the vision is clear leadership as well as collaboration and co-ordination from all those involved.”

You can access the report on the Scottish Parliament Website.


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