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Glasgow Makes Connections Resource Bank provides access to templates, guides, weblinks and contact details for support organisations within Glasgow and beyond.  This is of particular relevance to Integrated Grant Funded organisations that are planning for the closure of the IGF fund in March 2020.  The Resource Bank has been developed in partnership with the city-wide Glasgow Third Sector Capacity Building Group including Glasgow City Council, GCVS, Volunteer GlasgowCEISJobs and Business Glasgow and Glasgow Life.

Amalgamating a Charity with another body from OSCR

Guidance from OSCR on how to handle their requirements If you are merging a charity with another body.

Book Keeping Account Management and Payroll from GCVS

GCVS provides specialist services for those organisations that do not want to undertake their own payroll, book keeping and account management (fees apply).

Capacity building support from GCVS

GCVS offers advice and guidance on a variety of topics including governance, OSCR requirements, policies & procedures, support to committees and boards.

Digital media from Third Sector

Advice and good practice examples using digital media from Third Sector, eg podcasts on engaging different audiences.

Early Warning Guide from DTAS

Written for development trusts but a useful short guide for any voluntary sector organisation to ask questions and review their position – are you at risk?

Employer Advice Service from GCVS

Do you need help with the responsibilities of being an employer or managing staff? Few small voluntary organisations can afford to employ an HR specialist, and that’s what the service offers you. Employers’ Advice Service membership, HR consultancy service and HR training.

Employing People from HMRC

Tools and guidance for employing people including payroll

Employment information from ACAS

Advice to employers and employees on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law including national minimum wage

Enterprise services from CEIS

What CEIS do – more details of services offered

Enterprise support from CEIS

Support offered by CEIS – homepage of organisation

Evaluation Tools and support from Evaluation Support Scotland

Tools and support to help measure and report on the impact your work is making – homepage

Full Cost Recovery General Information from GMC

Explanation and examples of full cost recovery from Glasgow Makes Connection group

Funding assistance from Funding Scotland

Find funding for your charity, community group or social enterprise using our free online search engine.

Funding assistance from GCVS

Use GCVS’ funding Portal to search for funding sources and local support

Funding Support from GCVS

GCVS provides workshops and one to one support around finding funding.

Fundraising Broadening Your Targets from GCVS Training

Workshop will highlight fundraising opportunities, audiences and techniques which might work for your organisation. Includes: Crowdfunding, Membership and Donor Clubs, Sponsorship and Adoption, Regular Giving, Major Gifts and Legacies. Income from grants and trusts is covered by our Fundraising First Tuesday workshop.

Fundraising First Tuesday from GCVS Training

Workshop will highlight fundraising opportunities from grants and trusts, including making a case for grant support, the application process, reporting back to funders, funding searches using our online tool First Funding Stop and where to go for further information.

Glasgow Living wage

Information and resources to understand the Glasgow Living Wage and its benefits to both employers and employees.

Governance Code

The Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector sets out five core principles and key elements of good governance

Governance Trustee Duties from OSCR

Guide to charity trustee duties with regard to governance particularly handling many common situations

Impact Measurement Evaluation Pathway from Evaluation Support Pathway

Guiding you through the evaluation process from setting outcomes & indicators, collecting evidence, analysing and reporting and acting on your learning.

Impact Measurement from GCVS Training

Details of measuring impact / evaluation training offered by GCVS including Evaluation for Fearties, Evaluation Across Frameworks & Teasing Out Impact with Service Users.

Impact Measurement How Good Is Our TS Org Framework from Education Scotland

A self-evaluation resource created to support the third sector to evaluate their performance and to identify priorities for action. It is designed to support third sector organisations of all sizes, from small to large, local to national. It can also be used in cross-sector partnerships. Good examples of topics to cover.

Impact Measurement Logic Models Support guide from Evaluation Support Scotland

A guide that explains how to use logic modelling in planning how to measure the outcomes and outputs for your organisation.

Impact Measurement Training

GCVS offers the following training courses: Evaluation for Fearties, Evaluation Across Frameworks, Teasing Out Impacts with Service Users. Read the course outlines.

Monitoring and evaluation guidance from SCVO

Monitoring and evaluation – what kind of information should you collect?

Notifiable Events from OSCR

To support public confidence in the voluntary sector and to support charities manage effectively, OSCR encourage the reporting of events of significance to organisations such as a major loss of funding.

Partnership advantages/risks associated from SCVO

Potential advantages and risks associated with working with another organisation

Social Enterprise from Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN)

Enterprise networking from GSEN – homepage of organisation

Trustee Information and Guidance pack from OSCR

OSCR are trialling a new Charity Trustee Information and Guidance pack

Volunteer resources from Volunteer Edinburgh

A wide variety of resources relating to volunteering and volunteers from Volunteer Edinburgh and partners including policies etc

Volunteer support and services from volunteer Glasgow

Support and services offered by Volunteer Glasgow – homepage of organisation

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