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The Glasgow Makes Connections Resource Bank provides access to templates, guides, weblinks and contact details for support organisations within Glasgow and beyond.

Glasgow Makes Connections Partners contribute to the resource bank and a programme of workshops and one to one support, managed by the GCVS Sector Development team, designed to support  voluntary sector organisations in Glasgow with the core skills and knowledge they need to function and remain sustainable. See the wider GCVS offer and to discuss how we can support your organisation email

The Resource Bank has been developed in partnership with the city-wide Glasgow Third Sector Capacity Building Group, which includes: Glasgow City Council, GCVS, Volunteer GlasgowCEIS and Glasgow Life.

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Book Keeping, Account Management and Payroll from GCVS

GCVS Payroll and Finance services

Capacity building support from GCVS

GCVS offers advice and guidance on a variety of topics including governance, OSCR requirements, policies & procedures, support to committees and boards.

CEIS Enterprise Support

Charities and Digital Media

Advice, good practice, discussion and resources from Third Sector magazine

Child Protection Policy

Sample policy/procedure. This is a sample policy and should be reviewed to produce a policy which is suitable for your organisation

Climate Change Glossary (GCVS)

A glossary of some of the more important terms used in Climate change discourse

Comments, Complaints & Suggestions Policy

This policy provides guidelines for resolution if a service user, their families or carers, contractor or a member of the public wishes to make a comment, complaint or any suggestion.

Early Warning Guide from DTAS

Written for development trusts but a useful short guide for any voluntary sector organisation to ask questions and review their position – are you at risk?

Employment information from ACAS

Advice to employers and employees on all aspects of workplace relations and employment law including national minimum wage

Equality and Human Rights Commission

Information, guidance and signposting on all aspects equality and human rights.

Evaluation Tools and support from Evaluation Support Scotland

Tools and support to help measure and report on the impact your work is making – homepage

Financial Management – preparing for your charity accounts

OSCR’s guidance on financial management procedures and what is expected for charity accounts.

Full Cost Recovery General Information from GMC

Explanation and examples of full cost recovery from Glasgow Makes Connection group

Funding Scotland

information on funding opportunities for third sector organisations in Scotland

Funding Support from GCVS

GCVS provides workshops and one to one support around finding funding.

Fundraising: Code of Fundraising Practice

The new Code of Fundraising Practice came into force on 1 October 2019 and sets the standards that apply to fundraising carried out by all charitable institutions and third party fundraisers in the UK. It replaces the previous code, rulebooks and legal appendices.

Fundraising: OSCR guidance for charity trustees

OSCR guidance on the law around fundraising and how the self-regulation system works in Scotland and rest of the UK.

Fundraising: Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel

Independent body responsible for promoting fundraising standards in Scotland and dealing with fundraising complaints related to Scottish registered charities

GCVS Crisis Management / Review surgeries

GCVS one-to-one Surgeries

GCVS Directory Environmental Grants

GCVS has compiled a useful Directory of Environmental Grants listing potential grant funding opportunities available to voluntary organisations in Glasgow for climate-related or environmental activities. GCVS Directory Environmental Grants – Updated May Updated versions will be available each month from the GCVS website

GCVS Payroll – Employee Change of Bank Details Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma when an employee’s bank details have changed.

GCVS Payroll – Employee Change of Details Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma when an employee’s details have changed, such as their name, address, working hours, salary, job title etc

GCVS Payroll – Pension opt-out form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, this proforma can be completed by an employee who wants to opt out of the pension

GCVS Payroll – Employee Leavers Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma when an employee leaves your employment

GCVS Payroll – Employee New Start Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma when a new employee starts working for your organisation

GCVS Payroll – Employee Sickness Details Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma to record details of when an employee is off sick

GCVS Payroll – LPTD Statement

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma to confirm when an employee has had a payment made to them, which will be deducted from their next salary

GCVS Payroll – Maternity Pay Details Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma to record arrangements for maternity pay

GCVS Payroll – Mileage Expenses Claim Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma to enable employees to claim mileage

GCVS Payroll – Paternity Pay Details Form

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma to arrange paternity leave and pay

GCVS Payroll – Refund From Your GCVS Account

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma if you need to authorise a refund.

GCVS Payroll – Timesheet Template

If you subscribe to GCVS payroll service, use this proforma to record employees’ hours

GCVS People & Safety Services

HR; Health & Safety; Recruitment; Wellbeing

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Information Commissioners’ Office resources

Glasgow Living Wage

Information and resources to understand the Glasgow Living Wage and its benefits to both employers and employees.

Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN)

Governance Code

The Scottish Governance Code for the Third Sector sets out five core principles and key elements of good governance

Governance Trustee Duties from OSCR

Guide to charity trustee duties with regard to governance particularly handling many common situations

Guides – A tool to check climate readiness

The Climate Ready Business Guidance is based around six business functions designed for any type of business and sector. It includes information about the potential threats and opportunities of climate change, and an interactive checklist to help you take action to adapt to climate change.

Guides – Adaptation Scotland

Adaptation Scotland has a set of guides for public sector, businesses and communities on adapting to climate change and improving resilience to a changing climate,

Guides – Business Energy Scotland

Business Energy Scotland is one of the best sources of information on both decarbonising and the ‘circular economy’ for businesses in Scotland. We’ve selected what we feel are the most relevant resources on offer to third sector groups looking to become more efficient, but their entire catalogue can be found here.

Guides – Climate Change Risk Assessment

Adaptation Scotland’s guidance and tools to support organisations in undertaking climate change risk assessments.

Guides – Climate Risk Management Plan

Using Adaptation Scotland’s climate risk management plan, you will have a report template to help plan for climate risks.

Guides – Free Climate Friendly tools

A set of downloadable guides, excel template spreadsheets and other tools to identify what you yourself can do to run a more climate or environmentally conscious group. There are energy audit tools here.

Guides – South Seeds

South Seeds are one of Scotland’s only local energy charities, and have done invaluable work teaching people in Glasgow’s South side to take control of their own energy supply and tackle fuel poverty. In addition to toolkits for vulnerable people, they run a tool library and have a guide on how to set one up.

Guides – Step-by-step Adaptation

The UKCIP’s Adaptation Wizard is a 5-step process to assess your organisation’s vulnerability to climate change, identify options to address your organisation’s key climate risks, and help you develop and implement a climate change adaptation strategy.

Guides – The Savings Finder

This questionnaire generates a report on savings you can make on energy, waste and water.

Health & Safety Checklist FAQs

FAQs for H&S Champions who will be providing the H&S checklist tool to organisations and direct them to points of contact for any questions.

Health & Safety Checklist Guidance

Guidance on supporting and improving awareness of legal and moral compliance requirements of Health & Safety

Impact Measurement – Social Impact

Learn how to easily plan, measure and communicate your social impact with a variety of tools.

Impact Measurement Evaluation Pathway from Evaluation Support Pathway

Guiding you through the evaluation process from setting outcomes & indicators, collecting evidence, analysing and reporting and acting on your learning.

Impact Measurement How Good Is Our TS Org Framework from Education Scotland

A self-evaluation resource created to support the third sector to evaluate their performance and to identify priorities for action. It is designed to support third sector organisations of all sizes, from small to large, local to national. It can also be used in cross-sector partnerships. Good examples of topics to cover.

Impact Measurement Logic Models Support guide from Evaluation Support Scotland

A guide that explains how to use logic modelling in planning how to measure the outcomes and outputs for your organisation.

Impact Measurement Training

GCVS offers the following training courses: Evaluation for Fearties, Evaluation Across Frameworks, Teasing Out Impacts with Service Users. Read the course outlines.

Legal Structures for the Voluntary Sector

An overview of the legal structures available to voluntary sector organisations

Letter to inform end of SSP entitlement

This template can be used to inform an employee of when their statutory sick pay (SSP) entitlement is coming to an end.

Monitoring and evaluation guidance from SCVO

Monitoring and evaluation – what kind of information should you collect?

National Lottery Community Fund Scotland: Funds remain open for applications

All Funds will remain open, and where needed, will be more focused on COVID-19 recovery, with shorter grants and a quicker turnaround.
National Lottery Awards for All Scotland
Improving Lives fund
Community-Led Activity fund
“We’re prioritising COVID-19 responses across all our funds– but we are also funding lots of non-COVID-19 related work, so you can still apply for that too.”

National Minimum Wage – Record Keeping

HMRC webinar: In this short presentation we cover an employers record keeping obligations in relation to NMW. We look at the rules surrounding record keeping and discuss what good practice looks like for both large and small employers.

Notifiable Events from OSCR

To support public confidence in the voluntary sector and to support charities manage effectively, OSCR encourage the reporting of events of significance to organisations such as a major loss of funding.

OSCR video guidance

A broad range of videos from OSCR the charity regulator – useful if you prefer to watch rather than read information

Partnership advantages/risks associated from SCVO

Potential advantages and risks associated with working with another organisation

Policy – Climate Plans for Glasgow

Glasgow published a climate strategy in mid-2021 to lay out a 59-point action plan on decarbonisation initiatives, energy efficiency schemes, biodiversity protection, and other actions. Their aim is to get to ‘net zero’ before 2030.

Policy – Climate Plans for Scotland

Holyrood’s current environmental ambitions (as of January 2022) are laid out in the following two documents, a plan for 2021-22 and an update to the 2018-2032 plan. Their overall aim is to get to ‘net zero’ by 2045 through technological and economic changes, with a focus on preventing widening inequality as well as protection of […]

Redundancy: Guidance for Fair Redundancy Process

Guidance for employers from GCVS People & Safety Services on all aspects of a Fair Redundancy Process.

Return to Work Form (from furlough leave)

This form should be completed by the line manager when staff return from furlough leave

The Lasting Difference: Sustainability Toolkit

The Lasting Difference toolkit is free to download as an interactive PDF.

Top 5 Marketing and Design Resources for Non-Profits

Check out our blog for our favorite non-profit discounts and free tools for marketing and design.

Trustee Information and Guidance pack from OSCR

OSCR are trialling a new Charity Trustee Information and Guidance pack

Unpaid and Expenses Only Work

HMRC webinar covering: the risks surrounding unpaid work, what is a ‘worker’ for minimum wage purposes, interns, volunteers and unpaid work trials.

Volunteer resources from Volunteer Edinburgh

A wide variety of resources relating to volunteering and volunteers from Volunteer Edinburgh and partners including policies etc

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