Glasgow City Council has asked us to highlight that they are currently revisiting their Discretionary Housing Payment policy following the award of an additional £3m in funding for Glasgow from the Scottish Government.  They have introduced a number of measures to ensure that DHPs are accessed by more people, including revisiting claims  that were previously refused.

Where tenants have previously applied and were not successful, they are encouraging the third sector to assist them with making contact with the Council and to requesting a review of their decision.

In addition to revisiting previously refused claims, they are currently carrying out the following actions:

  • Extending DHP awards that are due to expire
  • Analysing and contacting Housing Benefit claimants where there has been a reduction of 14% and 25% where no DHP has been awarded
  • Engaging with customers who have been affected by the Benefit Cap to encourage application
  • Promotion through GCC website, advertising via posters, visual screens at local offices and telephone messages, landlord newsletter and the GAIN Network

The fund has helped 8,500 people to make up the shortfall on their rent so far.

Find more information on applying for Discretionary Housing Payments online here 

Or telephone 0141 287 0505 to ask for a form to be sent out.