There will be a UK Parliamentary General Election on Thursday 7 May 2015. To vote in this election you must be registered to vote.  The deadline to register is 20th April 2015.

Register online here

Details of your polling station can be found here.

Important Information

If you receive a letter advising that your postal or proxy vote has been cancelled you need to complete a new registration and a new absent vote application.

You can register online here and forms are available here to download. You can return a scanned signed application to our email address voters.roll@fs.glasgow.gov.uk . If you are unable to download a form you can call us on 0141 287 4444 or visit the Service Desk, 45 John Street, Glasgow, G1 1JE. Please note that to have your postal vote re-instated for the General Election we must receive your postal application by 5pm Tuesday 21 April 2015. To re-instate your proxy vote, proxy applications can be made until 5pm Tuesday 28 April 2015.

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