People in Glasgow suffering from food poverty are struggling to get to food banks according to a report in this week’s Evening Times.

Advisers at Central CAB in Glasgow are finding that those affected cannot afford the bus fare it takes to travel to one of the city’s 15 food banks   This comes as the Trussel Trust announces the development of a new food bank in Calton Parkhead Parish Trust, which will open on September 19.

The use of food banks has become increasingly common as desperate families struggling with poverty find that they cannot feed themselves and their children adequately.  Up to half a million people are at risk of food poverty across the UK according to a report published earlier this year by Church Action on Poverty.

The report cites unemployment, increasing levels of underemployment, low and falling incomes and rising food and fuel prices for some of the increases seen in the use of food banks.  Benefit sanctions and late or delayed payments are also to blame.

Source: Evening Times 30/07/13

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