Deborah Mooney
Project Manager & Digital Engagement Officer | GCVS


Our second update already! We’ve had a pretty busy month so far, organising re-visits to groups we previously spoke to about fraud. A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get back out to see the North Connections Senior Forum in Provanmill, who are always a sheer delight – very friendly and with a story or two to tell themselves.

I was particularly shocked to hear about a solar panel scam being carried out in the Cambuslang area, where customers were pressured into signing extremely long “maintenance contracts” for solar panels which left them very distressed – they also found it difficult to get in contact with the company once they had signed up. I was pleased, however, that the group had taken notice of this scam and that they’re more aware of this kind of thing in general since our last visit.

We’ll be back out and about in venues across Glasgow distributing materials on the project over the coming months, which we’re really looking forward to!


Fraud Headlines

Hamilton Accies Plan to Sue RBS After £1m Vishing Fraud

  • A stark reminder that fraud can and does happen to anyone, not just members of the public! Over the phone, scammers managed to convince the club to part with their money in order to “prevent theft” as the scammers put it.

£750,000 Lost in Phone Bank Scam in Tayside

  • Ruthless fraudsters carried out a telephone banking scam, often staying in contact with their victims until their bank accounts had been completely emptied.

Savers Lose Millions to Retirement Fraudsters

  • Always one to watch out for, recently people have been swindled by scammers pretending to be from legitimate companies – “clone fraud” is on the rise!


Remember, if you think you’ve fallen victim to a scam or you become aware of any suspicious activity, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040, or use their online reporting tool.

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