Glasgow City Council is planning significant changes to the way that care for older people in the City is organised and delivered.  The changes are set out in the paper, Future Delivery of Home Care to Older People in Glasgow, which was submitted to and agreed by the Council’s Executive Committee on 17th April, and will come into effect in Oct 2014.

Under the new proposals, Cordia, which the Council created as an ALEO to replace its internal homecare service in 2009, will become responsible for receiving and assessing most of the City’s home care referrals for older people, for the re-ablement of service users – which aims to reduce or remove their need for home care by supporting them to regain independence, and for reviewing their support needs, under a new £50m performance-based contract with Glasgow City Council.

The contract is part of a new approach to delivering home care, whereby the majority of older people leaving hospital or referred from the community will be assessed for reablement and be subject to a process which it is claimed will help them to regain their ability to live independently, without the requirement for homecare support. The paper submitted to the committee outlining the approach states that,

“… Social Work will in future function more effectively as a targeted service, which prioritises early intervention and prevention by providing support to older people proportionate to their needs and only for the time that support is required.”

Those who are assessed as requiring complex care and who are not suitable for reablement will be referred back to Social Work for care management.

The paper also sets outs the Council’s approach to personalisation for older people.  While the Self-directed Support Act requires local authorities to introduce personalisation for older people, the GCC position is that this is not appropriate, or sustainable, for all older people requiring support and that only those presenting with more complex or long term needs will be subject to a full personalisation assessment.  Those requiring only homecare or short-term “non-complex” support will not and will be supported by Cordia.

GCVS is seeking more information about the proposals and how they might work in practice. In particular, we think that the views of other care providers in the NHS and third sectors are important in terms of making changes of this kind and even more importantly the experiences and views of older people and their carers.

Source: Future Delivery of Home Care to Older People in Glasgow.