A coalition of charities has called for the end of charges for care provided to elderly and disabled people in their own homes and communities.  Scotland against the Care Tax has petitioned the Scottish Government to intervene on the issue of charging for services that help people to live independently in their communities for longer, saying that the current system is driving people into poverty and that they are subject to a postcode lottery when it comes to care charges, with little consistency across the country.

They are petitioning the Scottish Parliament to end these charges, which they describe as an additional tax and something which other groups are not subjected to and say that this is a human rights issue:

“A society which pursues a policy of charging those who are entitled to use nonresidential care services does not do this. Instead care charging uncompromisingly demands that they pay more than any able bodied person to achieve the same basic human rights.”

Their website tells Jeff’s story, who was paralysed after an illness at the age of 41 and who now needs support.  Jeff has to pay 70% of the costs of his care – £600 per month.

Scotland Against the Care Tax is looking for people to tell their stories of how care charges affect them.  If you, or somebody you know has a story to tell, you can participate and/or sign the petition here.

Source: Third Force News