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The Glasgow Makes Connections Resource Bank provides access to templates, guides, weblinks and contact details to support your organisation. Use the filter to search by category. If there are resources you would like us to add please get in touch.

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Banking for Community Groups and Charites

SCVO’s guidance on opening a bank account for charities or community groups. Including links to SCVO’s regularly reviewed bank comparison table

Crisis Management- Assessment and Next Steps

For organisations who suspect that they may be in a crisis or difficult situation, use this tool to assess your financial position and decide the next steps.

Crisis Recovery Button

Access to support for Third Sector Organisations facing sever challenges and an uncertain future. Providers include DTAS, Scottish Community Alliance, Community Enterprise and CEiS

Early Warning Guide from DTAS

Written for development trusts but a useful short guide for any voluntary sector organisation to ask questions and review their position – are you at risk?

GCVS Crisis Management / Review surgeries

GCVS one-to-one Surgeries

Impact Measurement Logic Models Support guide from Evaluation Support Scotland

A guide that explains how to use logic modelling in planning how to measure the outcomes and outputs for your organisation.

Partnership Working: P4P Collaboration Toolkit

The P4P Collaboration Toolkit is aimed at third sector organisations who are considering working together with others to pool resources, deliver new products/services or to do things more innovatively.

Risk Management- Guides from Institute of Risk Management

IRM Charities Special Interest Group practical guides to help charities manage risk.

Winding Down Checklist from NCVO

Every organisation is different and how you close will be affected by your size and types of activities. This checklist from NCVO will hep you ensure you cover all elements […]

If you think something needs to be added to the A-Z or if one of the links doesn’t work, please get in touch.

This Resource Bank has been developed in partnership with the city-wide Glasgow Third Sector Capacity Building Group, which includes: Glasgow City Council, GCVS, Volunteer GlasgowCEIS and Glasgow Life.

Our partners contribute to the resource bank as well as a programme of workshops and one to one support, managed by the GCVS Sector Development team. We support voluntary sector organisations in Glasgow with the core skills and knowledge they need to thrive and remain sustainable. Find more about our sector development support and contact to discuss the needs of your organisation.

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GCVS Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector

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