SCVO has published a new paper on welfare, A Better State: Inclusive Principles for Scottish Welfare, which they describe as first in a series that will “lay out the third sector’s vision and ambitions for the Scotland of the future”, calling for a separate welfare system for Scotland, regardless of the outcome of next year’s independence referendum.

They call for an inclusive welfare system which resurrects the “cradle to the grave insurance” principle currently being dismantled by the UK Government, to form a system which guards against a dependency culture, but one which recognises that “anyone can fall on hard times”.

The paper sets out the following seven principles for a fair society:

  • Family – giving families support so that they are able to look after each other.
  • Citizenship – we are all of equal value and we each have unique and positive contributions to make.
  • Community – we support and root services in local communities.
  • Connection – we all have chances to make friends and build relationships.
  • Capacity – we help each other to be the best we can be.
  • Equality – we all share the same basic rights and entitlements.
  • Control – we have the help we need to be in control of our life and support to live that life

The authors advocate a human rights based approach to welfare, a minimum standard of living and a constitutional framework which lays out clear rights and accountability for all.

SCVO is calling for organisations and individuals to respond to the principles outlined in the paper with their visions on how such an inclusive system would work.