Do you have recent experience of supporting people through the Housing Benefit Appeals process? Have you experienced difficulties with the process? Then please let us know.

The Issue:                          

  • Housing Benefit Appeals in Glasgow seem to be taking an awful long time to go through the Reconsideration and Appeals Process – in some cases over a year.
  • Decisions that are overturned in favour of the claimant don’t always quote the legislation, which makes it difficult for Advisors to understand why the appeal has been successful.
  • The longer the appeal goes on the more precarious the claimant’s tenancy can become – resulting in stress, worry and anxiety for the tenant.


What We Know:             

  • This is happening in one particular area of Glasgow
  • The problem seems to be related to the complexity of the case – the more complex, the longer it takes.


What We Need:

  • To find out if this is a problem across the city?
  • More information on what are the implications are for services and those they are supporting?


What We’ll Do:

  • Build an evidence base of the issues arising across the city
  • Report the evidence to Glasgow City Council Benefit & Revenue Team & Welfare Reform Area Development Group
  • Work with Third and Public Sector Partners to identify and implement solutions
  • Report back on progress


If you have experience of this issue please tell us about it by completing the short questionnaire or alternatively, email or call on 0141 332 2444.