GCVS is currently partnering with the University of Glasgow on their initiative, The Collaborative to strengthen the relationship between the university and Glasgow’s third sector.   Support is being offered in a number of ways.  Some of you may have already joined a workshop.

The university has an opportunity for third sector organisations to benefit through a collaborative dissertation, offered by the College of Social Sciences. The collaborative dissertation is a piece of student research conducted in partnership with an external organisation, like a third sector organisation. The arrangement benefits organisations who receive good quality research; typically students produce an Executive summary or Lay Report for the organisation summarising their findings and recommendations.  It also benefits students as they get the opportunity to conduct research which has relevance to real organisational challenges.

Students are supervised through the University; organisations provide a point of contact and commit to providing the student information. It is not a placement and you do not have to host the student. The College of Social Sciences has been offering collaborative dissertations for a few years now. You can read more about them here.  Two documents are attached for your information: one provides information about collaborative dissertations, the other is an application form.

If you are interested in putting in a proposal for a collaborative dissertation, please do so using the documents below  by April 9 for it to be considered by Masters students doing their dissertations summer. The programme is coordinated by Emma Smith who is the Student Experience & Partnership Lead – Skills & Development. Please contact Emma directly if you have any questions at Emma.Smith.2@glasgow.ac.uk

Please note, because of the pandemic the timings are a bit different this year. The university had a cohort of students start in January in addition to the usual September intake. You can therefore submit proposals that will be offered to the January 2021 intake as well as the September 2021-22 intake for research projects in the following year.

1b Collaborative Dissertations Fact Sheet 2021

2 Project proposal form FINAL