At GCVS, a large portion of our SVQ team is made up of Associate Assessors.  It’s their hard work and expertise that helps form a candidate’s first impression of the centre, so we wanted to take some time to introduce them.  Firstly, we’d like to introduce Davie Bennett who will be a familiar face to many candidates over the years…


My name is Davie Bennett and I’ve been an Associate SVQ Assessor with GCVS since 2012. I first became an assessor in 1998, when Jobcentre Plus, my employer at the time, won the contract to deliver the New Deal programme. I’d like to say I was their youngest assessor ever at the age of 10 but I’ll stick to the truth and say that little did I think I’d still be assessing 24 years later!

I assess and verify a whole range of awards for GCVS, including Management, Advice & Guidance, Learning & Development, and Community Development. I have also delivered various training courses over the years. This range of delivery reflects my experience from a career that included a degree in Accountancy, a period in retail management with Marks and Spencer and ASDA, 30 years as a Civil Servant and various other jobs including lecturing at a well-known Glasgow College. I guess that’s the 10-year-old assessor myth truly shot out the water….

I am delighted, and absolutely honest, in saying I enjoy every moment of being an assessor and especially working with GCVS. I have met so many kind, interesting and fun people, including immediate colleagues, other GCVS staff and, of course, my SVQ candidates.

When I was asked to write this, I thought I’d mention some success stories, but every candidate who achieves an SVQ is a success. I have befriended many of those candidates following their award completion. I have travelled career and personal journeys with people, especially those in the recovery community, and have been humbled by the skills, knowledge, experiences and abilities of, frankly, every one of my candidates.

I also consider myself extremely lucky to have had candidates return and do more than one award as they progress through their career, and others who have been referred by previous candidates. I like to believe I have been a small part of many journeys and careers and take great pride in meeting people who have worked hard to sometimes simply stand still, but in many other cases to progress and achieve much.

There’s a train of thought that SVQ’s are of less value than other academic qualifications, as well as professional and trades’ based awards and qualifications. Nothing could be further from the truth! SVQ’s are simply the framework of standards, units, performance criteria and knowledge that make up the National Occupational Standards for every job role.

An SVQ allows people to achieve accredited qualifications without the years of study, which is not for everyone, nor the pressure of exams. It can facilitate people who have been out of education for a long time or who may lack confidence, to display their skills, abilities and knowledge, by drawing on their current work practice – as opposed to what they think or believe they might do in certain circumstances.  An SVQ is also the perfect route for those with other qualifications but who want the opportunity to reflect on their role and demonstrate that they are carrying out their job to a nationally recognised standard.

David, SVQ Associate Assessor at GCVS

On that note, I’ll apologise for the picture, that’s one of my other passions, writing, performing and recording music. That, along with my family, my golf, bowls and, of course, a certain football team based in Govan, keep me well and truly occupied between candidates….and I can only say it’s a good life, and becoming part of the GCVS family has allowed me to do and achieve more than I ever thought possible….


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