On 15 August, GCVS relaunched the Glasgow Voluntary Sector Health and Care Network and was delighted to welcome Chief Executive of Scottish Care, Donald Macaskill.

Donald is a well respected leader and thinker on social care.  His challenging and inspiring input raised the possibility of more providers folding due to the cost of living crisis. He outlined his concerns about current work linked to the creation of a National Care Service.  He also talked about how little social care is valued – highlighting the extent to which social care creates economic, social and community benefits, while still not fully recognised by Governments.

You can access a recording of the session here and Donald has written his own blog on the event.  A review of the session was also published on the Health and Care portal.

Thank you also to those participants who raised a number of interesting points during the session and shared links to relevant work, all of which you can find here in our meeting notes Health and Social Care Network Meeting.

Please also view Donald’s presentation here.


To find out more about the Glasgow Voluntary Sector Health and Care Network, please visit our webpage and enquire about joining. When you subscribe to our network we will share relevant news and invitations to join future events.