Climate change affects the natural world, where our human settlements exist, and our lives unfold. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the storms of challenges we’re facing. When it comes to environmental issues, we can feel like driftwood being passively carried by the global currents that cause disruption.

Focusing on what we can do may have a greater impact than expected. Creating direction and momentum for ourselves and the local areas and connecting with others along this journey can be a passable path forward.


Actions at the right scale – drip by drip

As much as political commitment and action are necessary, we cannot leave it all to political goodwill. This article in the Guardian newspaper ‘Forget Cop – Local Climate Action Can Bring More Tangible Results points out:

Thankfully, in spite of the hostility that the government has shown towards renewable energy in the last decade, many communities across the country have banded together to build clean-energy projects in their local area.”

While they may be referring to England, local renewable energy generation is beginning to appear in Scotland, as well. Glasgow Community Energy (GCE), a local renewables co-operative, supports solar panel installation and shares benefits to its members from the energy generated. The climate team at GCVS recently hosted an event with GCE and Loco Home Retrofit, where organisations came together to explore the retrofit and renewable energy possibilities in their area.

Workshop with Glasgow Community Energy and Loco Home Retrofit at The Albany in Dec 2023.


Transforming despair to ‘respair’

The old word ‘respair’ is much less known than its antonym, ‘despair’. Respair means “To generate fresh hope; a recovery from despair”. At GCVS, we hope that the new Glasgow Climate Action Hub will be a thriving place to tackle and overcome climate change challenges together. As our Introduction to the Action Hub states,

“The partners share an ambition of building community action in response to climate change – encouraging greater involvement of citizens, building connections within and between communities, sharing knowledge, developing capacity and accessing and focusing resources.”

We are planning a series of sessions in early 2024 supporting the Hub. Stay tuned for more information on events and other ways to get involved. You can visit and email the team at for questions.

Many thriving initiatives to support organisations are being carried out in collaboration with other organisations and individuals. We were delighted to have been approached by the University of Glasgow to support master student projects – to great mutual benefit. For example, Michael Logiurato designed and conducted a study on overcoming barriers in the third sector’s efforts for environmental change in green spaces. Below is Michael’s list of recommendations. Please write to if you would like to read his report.

Image shows a list of recommendations

We hope you will find comfort, motivation and practical tools through our offer at GCVS, together with our partners in the new Glasgow Climate Action Hub.

Please contact our climate change coordinators, Gazelle and Robert, at with questions.


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Please contact our climate change coordinators, Gazelle and Robert, at with any questions.