Deborah Mooney

TFT Project Manager & Digital Engagement Officer | GCVS

This will be the TFT team’s last update on the GCVS Blog, as the project is coming to an end next month. We’ve had such a great time getting back out to speak to groups we visited previously, and making sure our materials were updated in our chosen Awareness Raising Venues around the city.

In October, we visited more businesses in Finnieston, as well as heading up to Maryhill – the Burgh Halls in particular are still looking fab since our last visit, such a great venue for the community (and the café’s pretty good as well, we have to say…!)

Take a look at the scam stories grabbing the headlines this month, and please remember to stay safe when it comes to fraud. Above all – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!!


Fraud Headlines

‘Deceitful’ £17m Solar Panel Scam Gang Jailed for Fraud

  • As mentioned in last month’s update, the gang were jailed after conning around 1500 people out of £17m!


Reports of Online Extortion Scam Prompts Warning from Police Scotland

  • The scam involves fake identities and victims being tricked into believing they are in a relationship with someone they have met online.


‘Dark Web’ Criminals Forced Ayrshire Worker into £75k Fraud

  • The 22-year-old man said he was forced into taking part in the scam after revealing too much personal information on the dark web. Scary stuff!



If you think you may have fallen victim to a scam or see any activity you think is suspicious, you can always contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online reporting tool.

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