On Friday 19th January, Everyone’s Children and the Citywide Forum met with key staff from Children and Young People’s Services at Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership (GCHSCP).


Mike Burns (Assistant Chief Officer, Children’s Services), Pat Togher (Head of Children’s Services North East), Karen Dyball (Head of Children’s Services North West) and Gary Dover (Head of Planning & Strategy, Children and Families) were present to discuss their upcoming Children and Young People’s transformational change programme 2018-21, as was presented to the GCHSCP Integrated Joint Board in November 2017.

As part of this, GCHSCP have begun to move expenditure from high cost residential care to delivering preventative and early intervention support work with families. This will ensure that, where necessary, more young people are sustained at home for longer.

Transformational change will have significant implications for Third Sector services through the new family support tendering framework. It was therefore significant that the Citywide Forum were able to begin a conversation with GCHSCP around how best Third Sector family support services can get fully involved in this process. Citywide Forum steering group members highlighted the broad range of experience in the Third Sector – from light touch family support through to acute interventions.

Mike Burns promised that the Citywide Forum would be involved in the development of the commissioning framework of new family support services.

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