Glasgow City Council is currently consulting on the future provision of breakfast clubs for children in the city.  They state that the cost to the Council of providing breakfast clubs is £2m per year and are looking to make savings on this figure.

The survey includes a number of options as to the future of breakfast club provision, including ending provision, reducing the subsidy, charging more, or, where attendance at individual clubs is low, moving towards a cluster model, whereby children from different schools would attend the same club and go to their own schools following breakfast.

Breakfast clubs allow parents who work to drop their children off at school early, for them to be able to get to work on time.  They are also an important way of ensuring that children living in low income households get a proper breakfast, which research has shown, isn’t always the case.

While it is understood that the Council is in a difficult financial position, it is vital that vulnerable children do not go hungry.  This is especially important in the era of welfare reform, stagnating incomes and the increasing reliance of city families on foodbanks.  It is well known that children who do not eat a proper breakfast perform more poorly in school as hunger often leaves them unable to concentrate on their schoolwork and they suffer from low energy.

We would urge people to respond to the consultation to give their opinion on the proposals.

The council has published a briefing about the provision of breakfast clubs and a survey to gather opinion about their future, here.

The consultation opened on 22nd April and closes on 8th may 2015.

View Glasgow City Council Committee papers on the subject here (includes a unit cost list and numbers attending for each breakfast club).