As the next General Election approaches and the main parties publish their manifestos, GCVS have looked at what they say they will do, if elected, about some of the key issues the country is facing.  We have produced a table from which you can compare what has been said by the SNP, Labour, UKIP, the Greens, the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats about important issues such as tax, welfare benefits and health.

While the Conservative party promises to cut taxes – and benefits and raise the personal tax allowance threshold, the SNP has said it will back a reverse of the most damaging welfare changes and argues that public spending should be increased and the deficit reduced more slowly.  The Conservatives have said that they will cut a further £12bn from the welfare bill, however, they have not revealed exactly how they intend to achieve this.

The SNP, UKIP, the Greens and Labour would abolish the bedroom tax, however Labour supports a review of the benefit cap, with a view to lowering it in some areas.  The Conservative Party would reduce the cap to £23,000, UKIP would reduce it, while the SNP, the Greens and the Liberal Democrats have not outlined a position on this issue.  Many of the issues that the parties are campaigning on are devolved in Scotland, but will still impact on Scotland as a result of Barnett consequentials – if public spending rises or falls in the rest of the UK, on health for example, Scotland will receive less funding as a result.

Find out what the main parties have to say about fuel poverty, the NHS, housing, the Living Wage and other important issues in our  Manifesto Analysis table (PDF)

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