Glasgow has seen a huge rise in the number of people requiring emergency food aid over the last year – 80% more visited Trussell Trust foodbanks than in 2013/14.   The numbers requiring assistance are likely to be far higher as people receive help from other foodbanks not run by the trust. Just 659 people in the city received help from the Trust in 2012.

Trussell Trust foodbanks across the UK gave over 1 million food parcels in 2014/15 to people on low incomes, many who experienced benefit delays, benefit changes or sanctions, however, many were in work and unable to manage.  117,689 food parcels were given to people across Scotland.

Speaking to the Evening Times, Ewan Gurr, Scotland Network Manager, said.

“It’s the same consistent stories that we hear: rising cost of food and fuel, welfare reform, limited opportunities for those seeking work.

“I see many families who were keeping their head above water five years ago but now they can’t feed themselves.”

Source: Trussell Trust, Evening Times