Scotland’s Fair Work Convention will soon begin work, following confirmation of its membership by the Scottish Government.  The group will promote fairer workplaces across all sectors to ensure that there are more good quality, well paid jobs for people across Scotland.  The Convention is tasked with developing a fair employment and workplace framework by March 2016 and will advise the Scottish Government on the following issues.

  • Progressive workplace policies which improve productivity and innovation
  • Employee voice, engagement and lifelong learning
  • Best practice in industrial relations to encourage constructive dialogue in a range of different sectors and workplaces
  • Enhanced discussions between unions, employers, public bodies and Government departments
  • Potential extension to collective and sectoral bargaining in Scotland
  • Increased levels of gender equality and workplace democracy across the private, public and third sectors
  • The Living Wage and other aspects of fair remuneration

STUC President Anne Douglas said:

“I am proud to be part of the Fair Work Convention. The Convention gives business the potential to thrive through its workplaces becoming more inclusive, productive and innovative by allowing employees to become more motivated and involved. Good work is implicit to fairness and with the benefit of the knowledge and expertise of not only committed and passionate Board members but also Professor Patricia Findlay, we have the opportunity to make a tangible, positive difference to Scotland, its businesses and its people.”

Source: Scottish Government website