The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on plans to strengthen the law on domestic abuse, with the introduction of a specific offense that will fully reflect the “devastating experience of the victims and enforce a zero-tolerance approach on the perpetrators”.   The consultation also covers the non-consensual sharing of private, intimate images, the introduction of statutory jury directions in sexual offence cases, the extra-territorial effect of the law concerning sexual offences committed against children and the circumstances in which a court can grant a non-harassment order.

Following the launch, Nicola Sturgeon announced £20m in additional funding to tackle violence against women and girls.  The funding will better support victims of violence and sexual assault through the court system, with improved access to legal advice, specialist advocacy and support services over the next three years.  An expansion of approaches which work with men convicted of domestic abuse related offences to challenge their behaviour and address the underlying causes will also be explored.

Source: Scottish Government