Raising Awareness of Children’s Rights in the City

Glasgow City Council is working closely with the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) to become a Child Friendly City, to further an aspiration to put child rights at the heart of everything they do, and make Glasgow a place where all children can realise their potential.

Through this virtual consultation they hope to contact as many children and young people aged 5 to 18 or older,  To discover how much children know about their own rights and respect the rights of others.

The consultation responses will be confidential as they do not ask the children and young people to give their names. They have no way of identifying those who take part.

The virtual consultation will take place over the period 12 January until 4 February 2015.

At the Children’s Service Executive Group level all partner agencies have agreed to the consultation taking place, but they need all staff working with children and young people to ask them to complete a questionnaire:-

Online survey – survey monkey questionnaire


Paper copy – GIRFEC Know Your Rights Consultation 2015 [330kb]

If you prefer to organise a focus group then ask the children and young people to complete the questionnaire.

All completed questionnaires should be returned to Liz Fourna, Social Work Services Planning, 3rd Floor, East City Chambers, 40 John Street, Glasgow or e-mail liz.fourna@sw.glasgow.gov.uk.