Provisions that will compel people who cannot speak English well and who want to claim Jobseekers Allowance in the UK, to take English lessons, came in to force on 27th November. The provisions, which were legislated for in the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and in Jobseeker’s Allowance regulations, will identify those whose English speaking and listening skills are below Access 3 or SCQF level 3. Those who fall below this level will have to undertake English Language Training for 7 to 20 weeks to improve their employment prospects as a condition of their claim.

While training, claimants will still be expected to attend the jobcentre and undertake their agreed activities, such as looking for work. Those affected can claim reimbursement from jobcentres for travel and childcare costs.

Igneus, has been awarded the contract to deliver the service in Scotland, while Serco will be responsible south of the border.

In related news, David Cameron has urged EU leaders to accept his plans on EU mirgration, including introducing restrictions on EU migrants claiming certain benefits for up to 4 years after their arrival in the UK.

Source: Department of Work and Pensions

Source:  BBC website