Glasgow charity Love Milton may have to shelve plans for building a community centre on derelict land if a £50,000 price tag on a ten foot strip of land isn’t reduced by Council ALEO, City Property, according to a report in the Evening Times.

The charity bought land from Glasgow Housing Association for a nominal fee in order to build a community centre in an area which has none.

Residents are reportedly furious over the price tag for a small piece of land which has been lying unused for years and which they need in order to access the landlocked area that they bought from GHA.  They have no funds to pay the £50,000 that City Property is asking for.

As reported by the Evening Times, a spokesman for City Property said: “City Property, acting on behalf of Glasgow City Council, is in negotiations with Love­Milton about the possible acquisition of council land.

“LoveMilton is proposing to develop a community centre on a neighbouring parcel of ground that is landlocked, so it needs the land from the council to form an access and parking for the centre.

“Negotiations are continuing and there has been no decision to block access to the land or erect a fence.

“Indeed, City Property was trying to protect Love­Milton’s position by stressing the importance of regularising access arrangements before any development commences.”

Source:  Evening Times