Third sector organisations in Glasgow were alerted last week to Glasgow City Council’s decision to apply a £2m cut to the city’s Integrated Grants Fund. The Council, which faces a funding shortfall of £28.9m next year, has written to organisations in receipt of grant funding to let them know about the reduction, which will inevitably affect the levels of funding available to organisations next year.

The Integrated Grants Fund was formed in 2009 as a rationalisation exercise to bring all of Glasgow City Council’s various funding programmes under a single process.   Former Fairer Scotland Fund allocations in 2009 amounted to almost £52m; since then, the fund has been subjected to year on year cuts, and will now total £36m.

The IGF allocates funding to Glasgow Community Planning Partnership programmes at the citywide, sector and area partnership levels and is the subject of an ongoing review process, which has seen 6 new programmes replace the former 14 programmes under which funding is allocated.  These new programmes reflect Glasgow’s Single Outcome Agreement revised priorities of Alcohol, Youth Employability and Vulnerable People and the Scottish Government’s Fairer, Safer and Sustainable, National Outcomes.

Existing grantholders were invited earlier this year to submit applications to the new funding programmes, which will for the first time award funding on a provisional 3 year basis.  Decisions on funding awards will be made in December 2014.

The Third Sector Forum has been meeting with Democratic Services to discuss the IGF review process and have been assured that opportunities will be available for stakeholders to contribute to the review.

Source: GCC Executive Committee IGF Report