Audit Scotland has published their findings following the ‘best value’ audit of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.  While the report finds that the partnership in Glasgow has a clear sense of purpose and direction for tackling some of the city’s deep-seated social and economic problems, they make a number of recommendations on how Community Planning in the city can be improved.

The CPP should:

• maintain its pace and agree implementation plans that set out what it will do, the resources it will need and individual partners’ responsibilities

• develop a performance management framework that allows:

– it to monitor progress in implementing the single outcome agreement

– partners to hold each other to account

• consider how it reports its performance to ensure the public can get involved and discuss how it is delivering the priorities in the single outcome agreement

• regularly review and assess the structures and approaches it uses to deliver on its priorities to ensure that they are effective and fit for purpose

• ensure that the role of area and sector partnerships in scrutinising performance and holding partners to account for delivering implementation plans is clear to all participants

• ensure that the results of individual partners’ community engagement work are shared among the partners and coordinate the individual partners’ community engagement work to ensure the effective use of resources and inform its future plans.

The report notes some of the achievements of the partnership and commends the new Single Outcome Agreement and the city’s ‘Thriving Places’ approach, but says that more needs to be done to improve the lives, health and life chances of Glasgow’s citizens, with the combined resources that each partner brings to the table.

Source: Audit Scotland