The Scottish Government has published a new strategy to tackle child poverty following recent statistics that report that 52% of children living in poverty in Scotland are from households where at least one adult was working.

‘Child Poverty Strategy for Scotland: Our Approach 2014-17has been developed in consultation with the Ministerial Advisory Group on Child Poverty.

The strategy aims to achieve the following outcomes:-

  • Maximising household resources
  • Improving children’s wellbeing and life chances
  • Children from low income households live in well-designed, sustainable places

Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon launched the strategy at Toryglen community hub, she said:

“We know that work can reduce the risk of poverty, but work is not always enough on its own.

“This strategy continues our preventative approach aimed at maximising household resources, improving children’s life chances and providing sustainable places.

“However, we now have an increasing focus on mitigating against the harmful effects of Westminster welfare reforms.

“These changes to the system will not only impact on the most vulnerable in our society – they will also set progress back at least ten years.

“It’s frustrating, when so much work has been done, to see Child Poverty Action Group highlight 100,000 more children in Scotland will be pushed into poverty because of these unfair policies by 2020.

Source: Scottish Government Press Release