The Scottish Government is consulting on legislation to promote, defend and extend the rights of carers and young carers in Scotland.

Unpaid carers provide vital support to family, friends and neighbours, often to the detriment of their own health and life chances, while saving the public purse millions of pounds.  9% of the Scottish population identify themselves as carers, however, the Scottish Government estimates that the true figure is higher .  Many are struggling and in recognition of this, the Scottish Government has invested £112m between 2007-2015 in support, but given the extent of unpaid care and the likelihood that this will grow as our population gets older, more needs to be done in recognition of the unique difficulties faced by this distinct group.

Proposals to provide more support will be welcomed by carers and their support organisations.  The inclusion of measures to include carers in service design and delivery and care planning and support will also prove popular and is line with proposals put forward in the Community Empowerment Bill.

Carers, young carers, local authorities, health boards and the Third Sector are being asked to respond to the proposals, which can be found on the Scottish Government website. 

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