Launched today in Edinburgh on International Humans rights Day, the Scottish Human Rights Action Plan (SNAP) seeks to embed a human rights culture that will make Scotland a country in which everyone is able to live with human dignity.

In order to provide an evidence base to develop SNAP, the Commission produced a research report called Getting it Right? Human Rights in Scotland.  This reported that while Scotland has a decent track record in terms of law and policy, human rights are not always consistently upheld in people’s everyday lives.

SNAP was developed by a grouping of representatives from public bodies and voluntary organisations across Scotland. Described as a ‘transformative programme of action’ the plan includes 3 agreed outcomes:-

  • Outcome 1: Better Culture – People understand and can affirm human rights and organisations are enabled and accountable to put human rights into practice.
  • Outcome 2: Better Lives – Scotland effectively tackles injustice and exclusion, improving lives.
  • Outcome 3: Better World – Scotland gives effect to its international obligations at home and internationally.

There are nine priorities that support these outcomes and actions for each priority will be identified by Human Rights Action Groups – to be co-convened by public bodies and voluntary organisations.

Source:  SNAP website