More parents are turning to grandparents to look after their children due to soaring childcare costs according to a story in today’s Herald.

The story referenced the Scottish Childcare Report 2013, which found a wide variation in access to childcare across councils in Scotland as well as huge variations in costs.  The most expensive local authority area is 80% higher than the cheapest, with some parents having to pay up to £235 per week for 25 hours of care for a child under 5.

Almost 80% of councils reported that they do not have enough childcare places for children under 5, while the figure for over 5s is around 75%.

Childcare places in Scotland are now higher than they are in the north of England.  For many parents this is simply unaffordable and more than half have used their children’s grandparents to provide care in the six months previous to the report.

Source The Herald

The Scottish Childcare Report 2013