Groop is an online database software aimed at running any community organisation like a club, a charity or a social enterprise. It’s a great way of managing the core administration of your organisation.  With support from Glasgow City Council, GCVS has secured 100 one-year licences for the system which normally costs £240+VAT per year.

Included in the platform are a whole host of features to make running your group easier.  For example:

  • A database to manage members, employees, volunteers and customers
  • Ability to receive card payments for memberships and other subscriptions
  • Ability to share documents (including controlling who sees what)
  • Organising events and activities, and assigning people to them
  • Recording activities, measuring impact
  • Secure, internal video conferencing

Find out more about Groop:

Free licences are available on a first come, first served basis to organisations that have worked to support their community during Covid-19 and lockdown.  The aim is that the software helps you to continue to develop your capacity to help your community.   We’ve also secured a significant discount for organisations above the first 100 and for future years.

To secure a licence, please e-mail