GCVS have joined civil society in Scotland to issue a call for collective action to reverse the devastating “bedroom tax” policy and to help mitigate the effect that this and other welfare cuts are having on vulnerable people.

The third sector and wider Scottish civil society are already working with communities to help them deal with the devastating impact of benefit cuts. Rather than increasing economic and social independence, these cuts have had the opposite effect.

The under-occupancy penalty or “bedroom tax” has been the tipping point for thousands who are being forced into destitution or to move away from local support networks.  The impact has been to effectively deny individuals and families the most basic human rights – as highlighted this week by the UN Rapporteur.

Civil society, including faith groups, community activists, trade unions and others – are calling on the Scottish Government and local authorities to meet with them to tackle the challenges created by this policy, with a view to ensuring that the experiences of homeless people, unpaid carers, disabled people and others helps shape any response.

Call to Action Document